Are You Looking For A Side Hustle?

Trade Popular Crypto’s For 2 Hours Win Cash Prizes

  • Low Risk
  • £80 Equal Prizes For Winning Traders
  • Multiple Games Per Day

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How The Game Works

Play a 2 hour game without risking your life savings.
Benefit from a real world simulated trading platform.

1 Hour Warm Up

  • Free Practice Zone For 1 Hour
  • Trade Long Or Short
  • Price Forecast 30 Minutes Before Game Begins For Bonus Cash Prize

2 Hour Game

  • 3 opportunities to win every game:
  • 1 - Highest Profits
  • 2 - Best Forecast
  • 3 - Best Price Signal

1 Hour Payouts

  • Prizes Paid Out Immediately
  • Get Free Winning Analysis In Your Inbox

Prizes For Top Traders

Win multiple cash prizes up to £80 for any game you enter.

Instant Payouts

Game winners get paid immediately after each game ends.

Multiple Ways To Win

Win by sharing most accurate price forecast
Win by sharing best price signal
Win by making the most profits!

Invite Only

This offer is exclusive only to those I am inviting. Please make sure you use my link otherwise you will not be eligible for my exclusive discount offer.

Trade Multiple Crypto’s Everyday

At times that suit your schedule

  • Trade the most popular Crypto’s every day
  • Regular games each and every day 7 days a week
  • Choose a time slot to suit your schedule
7am | 10am | 12noon | 2pm | 7pm | 9pm
(UK Time)

Trade In A Safe,
Real World Simulated Environment

  • We give you $10,000 in virtual currency to trade with
  • Improve your trading skills before you play the game by using our dedicated practice area
  • Trade cryptos long and short without the need for large financial deposits

Practice Here Before Trading With Your Broker

  • Practice Here Before Trading With Your Broker
  • Practice and develop different trading strategies, such as going short
  • No deposit required to access practice trading service
Some brokers require a deposit of £500,000 before simulating any crypto trades.

Ad Free Gaming Experience

You Are Not The Product

  • Practice Here Before Trading With Your Broker
  • Practice and develop different trading strategies, such as going short
  • No deposit required to access practice trading service

Free Analysis Of Winning Traders

  • Receive free analysis of the winning traders after every game
  • Our analysis is designed to help you improve your skills and chances of winning future games
  • Emails are opt in so we will not spam your inbox!

Will You Lose To Professional Traders?

  • Professional traders are not allowed to trade against amateur traders under any circumstances
  • Professional crypto traders that are highly profitable would be mad to play a game with an £80 prize!
  • The crypto market is extremely volatile and this makes winning short games on a regular basis extremely difficult
We show you total transparency on every players profile.

Everyone Can Trade Safely

Sign up And Play The Next Available Game To Win Up To £100 In Cash


Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the game start?
You can play the game 7 days a week, three times a day (7am, 12noon and 7pm)

Which time zone is the game played in?
The games are played in the UK time zone

How many times can I play the game?
There are no limits to how many games you can play

How much do I pay if I want to pay for more than one game?
The joining fee per game is £11.99

What happens after I play the 2 hour game?
If you win a cash prize, we will send your payment within the hour. We will also send you an email with the winning traders analysis. If you want to play again, all you need to do is pay to register for the next available game.

Do I need to deposit any money into a brokerage account?
We do not require any deposits, you only pay to play the game

When can I practice using the trading simulator?
We give you a 1 hour free practice session before each game starts